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Our strategic planning tool MasterPlanner is now available!


What is your company’s value and what can you do to increase it? How do you increase you value added? How does your plan impact your valuation?


Know, do not assume. With BusinessRadar you make better decisions.

In the long run luck is not enough for success in business. With good data and intelligent planning tools you can prepare your business to face alternative future scenarios. Better planning generates better decisions.


Go beyond educated guess, run your business with BusinessRadar.


BusinessRadar is a stand-alone strategic business management software for Windows that enables you to plan and follow up your business faster and more precisely. You can use it with any accounting system and chart of accounts.

Your job as a CEO or CFO is not to crunch numbers but to make better business via better decisions that are based on solid analysis. Put your planning process in order with BusinessRadar and be better in what you do.


“I think BusinessRadar is the perfect tool for budgeting and reporting. It is easy to use, and it produces clear reports. And to top it all, our contact, Riikka, is such a super person!"

Jussi Koivusalo

Rahtikeskus Oy

Manage risks with BusinessRadar

BusinessRadar helps you manage risks and prepare for alternative future outcomes using dynamic scenarios. Alternative scenarios are compared in detail including cash flow forecasts and KPI’s.


Prepare for the future with BusinessRadar

Scenario analysis answers the what if-questions.


Having scenario analysis as a built-in component of your planning process you are less likely to be caught off guard. BusinessRadar simulates your business for months and even years to come. Cash flow and balance sheet forecasts provide crucial input for decision making, particularly in fast changing business environments.


Whether you prefer to build scenarios from the scratch or to use the parameter-based sensitivity scenarios, BusinessRadar is the tool of choice to do it.



“When I retired, I wanted to provide my successor with a professional tool that can be used to reliably monitor the company’s financial situation. Personally, I can recommend BusinessRadar."


”BusinessRadar has served us well for more than 10 years now. We ended up with BusinessRadar as it was recommended to us and we’ve been satisfied with the decision we made.”

Esa Silver

 Miele Oy


”BusinessRadar is a visual, easy-to-use tool for business management. It excels in budgeting, forecasting and reporting, both on company and group level. It has served me and Promeco well.”

Eero Haapa-Aho

 Promeco Group Oy

Hannu Suni
Senior Advisor

 Oy Kohiwood Ltd


”BusinessRadar gives us better view on what lies ahead. In addition to the ongoing business, it allows us to simulate capex projects and their anticipated impact on P&L, cash flow and balance sheet. BusinessRadar has been the right choice for us.”

Juha Nurmimäki

Topi-Keittiöt Oy


”Having a comprehensive up-to-date financial understanding is crucial to us. BusinessRadar enables faster and more thorough analysis and planning and thereby provide insights that would otherwise be unavailable for us.”

Lauri Ahokallio
Financial and Legal Director


 Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy

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