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With BusinessRadar, you create and update your budget plans, cash flow forecasts and scenario analysis with more accuracy and less effort than ever before. A fully equipped business tool with innovative forecasting features makes planning significantly easier, enabling more frequent updates.


With BusinessRadar you know better.



Prepare for the future. Make smarter forecasts about your business.

Lead your business with knowledge,

and leave others to guess.

With BusinessRadar, you can plan your business faster and more accurately than with traditional methods. You can see more clearly. You can see further ahead.


BusinessRadar helps you prepare for the future and makes decision-making at your company easier. You can focus on the essentials: planning and developing a profitable business. And, of course, generating cash flow.

All systems, all charts of accounts.
BusinessRadar always delivers. 

Running on the Windows operating system, BusinessRadar is a stand-alone software that you can use with any accounting system and chart of accounts. Deployment is quick and effortless.


Our Products

Budgeting, forecasting, reporting, consolidating and simulating – all just a few clicks away. BusinessRadar is the number one tool for financial management. It gives you an accurate overview of your company’s financial situation and future prospects, always based on the latest data.


With BusinessRadar, you can take the speed and accuracy of budgeting and forecasting to a new level. You provide the objectives, and the tool creates a budget accordingly. It is smart and fast, and it uses the right numbers. In addition to generating an income statement, you can budget investments, dividends, advances and loans.


BusinessRadar helps you prepare for alternative future outcomes using dynamic scenarios. You can analyse items such as acquisition targets in a way familiar from common reporting practice.




BusinessRadar Group helps you consolidate individual forecasts into a whole, cost centres into a company, and companies into a group. You get access to a group-wide overview, which includes income-statement, cash-flow and balance-sheet forecasts. 

BusinessRadar Group seamlessly combines the scenarios of individual units, and it uses these to create new scenarios based on the whole. 

You can also evaluate the profitability of strategic projects from a new perspective.


Our Services

A tool alone is not always enough. We also provide assistance for demanding specialist tasks in accounting, either on a continuous part-time basis or on a one-off basis, for an urgent or particular need.

Our services for you:


Budgeting (profit, cash and balance-sheet budgets), forecasting, scenario analyses


Coaching the management in business development; preparation for and participation in meetings


The analysis and development of accounting and other financial management processes


Scenarios for banks and financiers; analysis of acquisitions and investments




“When I retired, I wanted to provide my successor with a professional tool that can be used to reliably monitor the company’s financial situation. Personally, I can recommend BusinessRadar."


”BusinessRadar has served us well for more than 10 years now. We ended up with BusinessRadar as it was recommended to us and we’ve been satisfied with the decision we made.”

Esa Silver

 Miele Oy


”BusinessRadar is a visual, easy-to-use tool for business management. It excels in budgeting, forecasting and reporting, both on company and group level. It has served me and Promeco well.”

Eero Haapa-Aho

 Promeco Group Oy

Hannu Suni
Senior Advisor

 Oy Kohiwood Ltd


“I think BusinessRadar is the perfect tool for budgeting and reporting. It is easy to use, and it produces clear reports. And to top it all, our contact, Riikka, is such a super person!"

Jussi Koivusalo

Rahtikeskus Oy


”Having a comprehensive up-to-date financial understanding is crucial to us. BusinessRadar enables faster and more thorough analysis and planning and thereby provide insights that would otherwise be unavailable for us.”

Lauri Ahokallio
Financial and Legal Director


 Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy


”BusinessRadar gives us better view on what lies ahead. In addition to the ongoing business, it allows us to simulate capex projects and their anticipated impact on P&L, cash flow and balance sheet. BusinessRadar has been the right choice for us.”

Juha Nurmimäki

Topi-Keittiöt Oy


“Mastracon understands the logic by which a customer uses BusinessRadar. Updating forecasts is easy, so we create new ones almost every month."

Joonas Ilmolahti

 Westas Group Oy

Promoting active financial management for more than 30 years

Use knowledge to give you a clearer view ahead.

BusinessRadar crystallises the more than 30 years of experience and expertise that Mastracon has gained in holistic financial management, tackling challenges, and offering solutions.


From the beginning of our operations, our goal has been to provide corporate management with analyses based on the latest data and smart computing, which can be used to make smarter decisions. We have, in the development of BusinessRadar, been guided by a high degree of automation, usability and clarity.

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