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The BusinessRadar dashboard provides you with a comprehensive picture of your business, from the past to the future. Selected KPIs, graphs and figures complement each other to tell the full story.

With the BusinessRadar dashboard you can see more clearly. You can see further ahead.


Smart planning with BusinessRadar

Without proper tools business planning and budgeting, like most work, can be tedious and frustrating.


The external environment for businesses appears to be more complex and difficult to anticipate than ever before. No one knows what lies ahead. But with good analysis and proper tools you can still prepare yourself to alternative futures.


BusinessRadar is an easy-to-use, visual tool for budgeting, planning, and forecasting that helps you to keep your business plans up to date. The latest accounting data is seamlessly incorporated to your best knowledge of what lies ahead and turned to a comprehensive business simulation.   


Stop crunching numbers and focus on what is expected from you, building your business, and making a profit.

Our Products

BusinessRadar is a management tool for budgeting, cashflow and balance sheet forecasting, running scenario analysis and generating financial reports. Plans and forecast are shown and reported with wide range of tables, charts and KPI’s. 

Let it come what may,
with BusinessRadar you are always prepared.  


BusinessRadar takes your planning capability to the next level. You make better plans, faster and with less effort. You set the target, BusinessRadar shows what that would mean in terms of income statement, cashflow and balance sheet.

With BusinessRadar’s dynamic scenario analysis you are better prepared for the future. Automatic sensitivity analysis shows how given relative change impacts the business, e.g. 10% cost increase in raw materials. Alternatively, your scenarios may include more detailed changes, such as capex or changes in payment terms.



BusinessRadar Consolidator combines individual plans to one entity, business units to company and companies to group. Consolidated plans include cashflow and balance sheet forecasts, just like when planning for a single company.

BusinessRadar Consolidator has fully automated group elimination feature that makes group level planning and forecasting significantly easier than with the traditional method.

With consolidator’s virtual group company feature a potential acquisition target can be analyzed as if it were part of the existing group. Such before-after simulation gives and important new angle to the analysis.


MasterPlanner takes the speed, agility, and accuracy of strategic business planning to a completely new level. Within hours or even minutes you can simulate your business years ahead, analyze the impact of different variables, test alternative capex scenarios, and run a full-scale business evaluation.

With MasterPlanner you do yourself what the leading consulting companies would charge you 5- or 6-digit sums for. Furthermore, your plans are seamlessly interconnected to your actual accounting data, and you can update them whenever needed, with no extra charge!


Annual budgeting covers are relevant business aspects; income statement, cashflow, balance sheet and KPI’s.

  • BusinessRadar runs every month an automatic cashflow analysis showing from where the money came in, what it was spend on and how does this impact future cash flows.

  • Forecasts for coming months are updated typically on monthly bases as the latest actual data is imported from accounting.

  • BusinessRadar provides you with an up-to-date simulation of the ongoing fiscal year.


All systems, all charts of accounts. BusinessRadar always delivers.

Running on the Windows operating system, BusinessRadar is a stand-alone software that you can use with any accounting system and chart of accounts. Deployment is quick and effortless.

Our Services

Financial management consultation

A tool alone is not always enough. We also provide assistance and advisory services in financial management, either on a continuous part-time basis or on a one-off basis, for an urgent or particular need.

Our services for you:


Budgeting (profit, cash and balance-sheet budgets), forecasting, scenario analyses


Coaching the management in business development; preparation for and participation in meetings


The analysis and development of accounting and other financial management processes


Scenarios for banks and financiers; analysis of acquisitions and investments

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